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Our Tradition…

Philadelphia’s Finest Steak carries on a South Philly tradition of making quality, great tasting steaks at a great price.

Located in South Philly with the sports stadiums in our back yard, we know Philly because we are Philly.

With countless years of collective experience, we know about Cheesesteaks as well, continuously looking to provide both Beef and Chicken Cheesesteak meat how it is supposed to be.

Authenic Philly Steaks made in Philly.

What We Do

Beef Sandwich Steaks
Our beef sandwich steak meat is processed from American grown beef. It is seasoned and thinly sliced for the best cooking results.
Chicken Sandwich Steaks
Our chicken sandwich steak meat is processed from all white meat chicken breast. It is thinly sliced meat available seasoned or with lemon butter.
Our authentic, high-quality Philly Cheesesteaks are crafted right in South Philly. Cheesesteaks are available in both beef and chicken options to add to your menu versatility.

U.S. Grown Beef

Philadelphia’s Finest Beef Sandwich Steaks

are made from 100% American Grown Steer Cattle

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Where to Buy

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Chicken Cheesesteaks

Chicken steak portions are made from 100% white meat
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